Editorial Status

YUPIIE.COM is an online newspaper, independent and free.

YUPIIE.COM seeks the truth and is subordinate to the facts. We will never allow ourselves to be conditioned by partisan and economic interests or by any group logic. We are accountable only to our readers.

YUPIIE.COM does not endorse any political program but has a look at the country and the world.

YUPIIE.COM assumes the founding principles of Western Civilization, derived from the Greco-Roman antiquity of Christianity and the Enlightenment.

YUPIIE.COM is guided by the principle of the dignity of the human person and by the values ​​of democracy, freedom and pluralism.

YUPIIE.COM sees with scepticism the dirigiste utopias and prefers gradual changes, susceptible of test and correction.

YUPIIE.COM places freedom at the centre of its concerns and advocates an open society with institutions that respect the law and individual rights. We believe that harmonious development must be inclusive and do not leave anyone behind.

YUPIIE.COM wants to contribute to informed and intervening public opinion. It values ​​frank and uncomplicated discussion.

YUPIIE.COM addresses an audience of all walks of life and all professions.

YUPIIE.COM will seek attractive and relevant information presentation formulas but without sensationalism.

YUPIIE.COM will be at the forefront of the process of technological and relational changes, always attentive to innovation and promoting interaction with its readers.